Scaravelli Yoga and Holistic Massagein the Chilterns and North London

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Scaravelli-inspired Yoga & Swedish and DeepTissue Massage

The Chilterns Hills (Beds, Bucks &Herts) and North London

Hello and thanks for visiting. I'm Aga, a yoga teacher and massage therapist. I'm based near Tring, in the beautiful Chiltern Hills, on the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire border.

Scaravelli-inspired/Gentle Yoga
Scaravelli-inspired yoga is a form of Hatha yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli, a long time student of Iyengar. Vanda Scaravelli insisted her way of working did not become yet another method. To me, in essence, it is a deeply intuitive and holistic way of viewing and working with the body, one that sees the body as the ultimate teacher. It taps into and wakes up deep intelligence of the body through quiet, attentive and patient practice. Scaravelli-inspired yoga moves away from pushing, pulling or stretching, and places at its centre the idea of listening to the body and creating the right conditions for movement to occur more spontaneously and freely. It puts special attention on letting go of tension and habitual patterns of holding, and finding ways back to the spine and moving from it (something Vanda called 'awakening the spine'), bringing about much more integrated whole-body movement. We learn how to use our bones for support, so that we can relax and release the big muscles we're so used to relying on to hold us up. Above all, we learn how to befriend and free up the breath, and let it guide us into movement.

Through practice we develop a kinder way of moving, with less effort and more curiosity. By turning our attention inward we learn what our body needs, so that we can work with and not against it. As we soften, listen and engage with the breath, gravity and space around, we start working more intuitively, compassionately and intelligently. We are not so much concerned about doing a posture ‘right’, but are more interested in what the posture is doing for us. In this practice we are invited to enquire, explore and find out what's true for us at any given moment, and not practice yoga on 'repeat prescription'. Scaravelli-inspired yoga inspires us to trust and follow the intelligence of the body, and as such, with practice, it brings us closer to who we are.



Holistic Massage Therapy
In my massage practice I combine Swedish and Deep Tissue massage with Neuromuscular Therapy (Trigger Points), Myofascial Release and Advanced Clinical Massage to address muscular tension and treat pain, and for general relaxation and stress relief. I believe in holistic approach, one that doesn't separate the physical from the psychological aspect of our being. Treatments are preceded by consultation to ensure safe and adequate treatment, tailored to the client's needs. I communicate with client throughout session regarding pressure and techniques used. Wherever appropriate, I offer aftercare and lifestyle advice, including suggestions of stretches or yoga postures I believe can be helpful. For more information on massage and its benefits please see Massage Therapy section

Mobile Massage in the Chilterns
I offer mobile massage therapy in the Chilterns, bringing holistic massage therapy to client's home. I travel within 5 miles radius from Tring - for details please see Clinics section

Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage in Islington, London
I offer holistic and deep tissue massage therapy in Islington, at The Healthy Living Centre, London N1.
Please see Clinics sections for more details.

As a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher, I integrate the understanding and awareness of the body into my therapy work. My yoga practice deeply informs and supports my bodywork. I believe the two complement each other beautifully and this truly inspires me to continue exploring and learning about the intelligence of the body and its healing capacity.

Scaravelli-inspired Yoga in the Chilterns: One-to-one and small groups - private yoga tuition. Scaravelli-inspired yoga in Pitstone, Tring, Dunstable, Berkhamsted, Aylesbury and the surrounding areas. Learn Yoga from the comfort of your home. Gentle yoga and Yoga for over 50's in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. Breathwork - online, small groups and one-to-one sessions. Holistic massage in The Chiterns - mobile massage: Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point therapy for pain relief, relaxation, stress relief, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, chronic pain, injuries, headaches, migraines, sleeping problems in Islington, North London. Deep tissue massage in Islington. Holistic massage in the Chilterns - mobile massage therapy.

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